What Is This Site’s Anti-Spam Policy?

It is always encouraging to receive positive comments; however, discussion, including disagreement, is welcome.

It is only by learning from those who think differently, and who have different experiences to share, that progress towards greater understanding and empathy is possible. A comment in disagreement with the content of a post, or with previous comments, is welcome and will be accepted, subject to the same conditions as supportive comments.

A Comment is considered to be ‘spam’ if one, or more of the following conditions is true:

  • The comment is not relevant to the post, upon which it is placed.
  • The comment is aggressive or offensive in tone or fact.
  • The comment is intended to promote or to oppose party political views.
  • The comment is intended to promote or to oppose religious practices or views.
  • The comment is intended to promote a specific product or service, for financial gain.
  • The comment is intended to promote a specific product or service, using association with The Health-Care Survivor, directly, or indirectly, implied, or stated.
  • The comment is intended to request or to offer advice, concerning any health condition, or the condition of any individual person.
  • The comment form is used to make direct contact with The Health-Care Survivor, instead of the ‘Contact Me’ form.
Contacting The Health-Care Survivor

The site has a ‘Contact Me’ link on its menu, through which general comments, questions, and requests for information, can be submitted to The Health-Care Survivor.

All messages, submitted via a ‘Contact Me’ form, will be considered concerning the conditions listed above, except relevance to a specific post.

While every effort is made to answer messages promptly, it is more critical that answers are as accurate, and complete as possible. Delays in answering may result if significant research, fact checking, or information from third parties, is required.

Discussion, including disagreement, is welcome. However, messages which are in clear violation of the conditions of the Anti-Spam Policy, will not be answered.