Time To Get The Edge… And Keep it!

Now that the focus of My Serrapeptase Adventure is moving towards detailed research and writing books, including The Disability Maze Books, I have decided to complete Anthony Robbins’ Get The Edge audio programme again. My intention is to give myself a renewed focus and determination to succeed.

The first time I completed Get The Edge was at the beginning of 2006, at about the same time as my adventure started. At that time, I needed to rebuild my confidence and strengthen my resolve, to take responsibility for my health and well being, after many years of illness. The result was My Serrapeptase Adventure, and the confidence to accept the opportunity and the challenge that I believe has saved my Life.

My goal, this time, thankfully, is less dramatic. In order to move towards sustained research and writing, I need to be more disciplined about the time I dedicate to writing and reading every day. My Serrapeptase Adventure has allowed me to write intermittently, until now. It continues to be a pleasure to share my adventure with you, by posting details of any new developments.

The research for my books and into the scientific basis of My Serrapeptase Adventure will require a level of sustained concentration that I have not needed, or attempted, for many years. It is a challenge to which I am very much looking forward. So, what does this have to do with Get The Edge? The programme helped me to set my focus and to learn to trust in my own innate determination, at one of the most challenging and exciting times in my life. My hope, now, is that re-familiarising myself with some of the simple, but extraordinarily powerful, tools devised and presented by Robbins, will provide me with a welcome confidence boost.

The sleeve notes ask:

What do you really need to maximize the quality of your life?

Get The Edge (2000) – Anthony Robbins

I have found the tools contained within Get The Edge, to be challenging but logical – A great combination. This is not the newest of Anthony Robbins’ products, but I still believe it is the best I have heard, so far. I am looking forward to all that I may discover this time.


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