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TheMiracleEnzymeIsSerrapeptaseThe ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase is a remarkable book about a remarkable enzyme. Read in detail, the fascinating studies, uses and practitioner’s reports about Serrapeptase, The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme.

For over a quarter of a century, the clinical use of Serrapeptase as an anti-inflammatory has been widespread throughout Europe and Asia.

This now ‘plant grown’ enzyme was originally noticed over 30 years ago being used by the silkworm in its cocoon to dissolve proteins – hence the title of this book by Robert Redfern.

In this book, you can read the amazing story of an ENZYME that is set to become the most widely used alternative to the majority of anti-inflammatory DRUGS – without the side effects, drugs can have! Discover how people that have taken this naturally occurring enzyme report genuine beneficial results.

In early 2006 I was to change my whole understanding as to what could be helped with Serrapeptase. Up until meeting Mike Tawse, I had always said there were limitations as to what could be helped with Serrapeptase. Mike Tawse, born with cerebral palsy, was to change all of that. In December 2005, Mike, who was then 36 years of age, was sat in his apartment, with very little quality of life and unbeknown to him, his friends were planning his funeral. Mike was on a multitude of medications from his doctors and was slowly slipping away. Luckily, he and his friends came across SerraEzyme. Within weeks (days??) he started to recover and within months his doctors took him off all of his drugs. Now, at 40 Years of age, his life continues to get better. I was so impressed, I renamed my book The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase.

Robert Redfern

Although I have been enjoying the benefits of Serrapeptase since January [2006], I still continue to be amazed by the speed and stability of my progress.

I would like to thank Robert Redfern for his inspiring work with Serrapeptase and I am sure that he will continue to bring hope to people around the world!

Mike Tawse


The 2009 edition of the book includes The Mike Tawse Story – From Wheelchair To Wings.

20116 Update

I am honoured to say that the 2016 edition of  The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase – The 2nd Gift from Silkworms (pictured). includes an updated introduction to My Serrapeptase Adventure, with the title, From Wheelchair To Wings.

The book is available online for free, as a PDF download at: www.serrapeptase.info.

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