An Interview With Suzy Cohen: Pharmacist And Holistic Health Author

Before the start of My Serrapeptase Adventure [2006], I believed that my health, and even my survival, was dependant upon a regimen of prescriptions. As I look forward to a fifth year of naturally sustained good health, one of the strongest lessons of my adventure is brought into focus, once again. It is so clear, and obvious that I should have known it from the start. Good health is the human body’s natural state. The best way to support this is as naturally as possible.

Some readers, and even some of my friends, have asked me if I am now against medical treatment, and the many good people who practice medicine, with a genuine desire to help people. The short answer is: NO. I have benefited from medical and surgical treatments in the past and I would not wish to deny them to anyone who needs them.

My Serrapeptase Adventure has convinced me that it is prescription medication, and the worldwide systems designed to reinforce our dependence upon it, that should be called ‘alternative medicine’. If good health is our natural, balanced state, then the goal of health-care should be to maintain that balance, or to return us to it, as naturally as possible. This approach still allows for medical and surgical treatments, when they are necessary, but they should be considered to be useful alternatives, and not assumed to be the only acceptable options.

Mike Tawse: The Health-Care Survivor, April 2011.

I am glad to have been alerted to this interview with Suzy Cohen, a pharmacist and holistic health author, discussing her book, Diabetes Without Drugs. The book explains how to overcome diabetes using natural, non-pharmaceutical remedies. Cohen has published many excellent articles at: Dear Pharmacist. She is also the author of Drug Muggers and The 24-Hour Pharmacist and several other books.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to learn from someone who has given so much energy to research, and who gives a balanced view of the value of prescription medication and the importance of remembering that good health is the body’s natural state.

Our approach to gaining sustained good health, therefore, cannot be successful if we become dependent upon unnatural pharmaceutical products. Whenever it does become necessary to take prescription medications, we should only do so with as much understanding as possible of the true nature of the products and how they impact upon our health. It is equally important to understand the true purpose of the pharmaceutical companies, and the ways in which they influence doctors, and the other health professionals, from whom we accept advice.

I look forward to reviewing Suzy Cohen’s books in the near future.

Thanks to Natural News TV and Dear Pharmacist.

Last Checked/Updated: August 12, 2019.
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