Bad Pharma By Dr Ben Goldacre

BadPharmaDr Ben Goldacre puts the global pharmaceutical industry under the microscope. What he reveals is a fascinating, terrifying mess in which Patients are harmed in huge numbers.

Doctors and patients need good scientific evidence to make informed decisions. Instead, companies run bad trials on their own drugs, which distort and exaggerate the benefits by design. When these trials produce unflattering results, the data is simply buried. All of this is perfectly legal. In fact, even government regulators withhold vitally important data from the people who need it most. Doctors and patient groups have stood by too, and failed to protect us. Instead, they take money and favours, in a world that is so fractured that doctors and nurses are educated by the drugs industry.

Bad Pharma, is a clear and witty attack, showing exactly how the science has been distorted, how our systems have been broken, and how easy it would be to fix them.

On January 16th 2013, Dr Goldacre announced the launch of The AllTrials Campaign.

The book is available at Bad Science.

Thanks to Dr Ben Goldacre.

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