Barbara Loe Fisher: Women, Vaccines And Bodily Integrity

In a referenced commentary for National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher states:

2013 was only a few days old when I saw a photo of 61-year old Ethel Hoover, a veteran hospital nurse, who had only missed 4 or 5 days of work in 22 years, she was fired from her job for declining to get a flu shot.

Defending Freedom Of Conscience

On her last day of work, she wore black. In the photo, she was standing straight, looking directly into the camera, unafraid, signaling strong ownership of the principled choice she made in defense of autonomy, freedom of conscience and protection of bodily integrity.

“This is my body,” she said. “I have a right to refuse the flu vaccine.”

Punishment: No Shots, No Job

The Methodist-founded Indiana University Health Goshen Hospital rejected the medical and religious exemptions Ethel filed so they could punish her for obeying her conscience and choosing to stay healthy another way. Refusing to respect her beliefs or superior health and work attendance record, they cited the “no shots, no job” vaccine mandates being pushed by public health officials and Pharma-funded medical trade groups as a reason to fire her.

Ethel is not alone. Many American nurses and other health care workers are being thrown out on the street without a job or forced to wear masks and special badges publicly branding them for declining to subject themselves to the well-known failures and risks of influenza vaccinations, a vaccine that the Centers for Disease Control admits does not protect against influenza nearly half the time and, like all vaccines, can cause permanent injury when there are complications

Barbara Loe Fisher

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