Charlotte Gerson: Restored To Vibrant Good Health

When I posted a profile of Charlotte Gerson, in honour of her ninety-first birthday: Charlotte Gerson: An Inspirational Natural Health Advocate, I had no idea that she was recovering from a major injury, which she had sustained just a few months previously.

In this interview, Charlotte describes, and demonstrates, how she has recovered completely from a comminuted pelvic fracture, which is a type of fracture that is complex to heal and is potentially fatal in people whose ability to heal is compromised by any underlying health challenge, or by ageing.

The Gerson Therapy and Charlotte’s intuitive understanding of chronic disease and of naturally sustained good health, which rescued her from the ravages of bone tuberculosis as a child, has, once again, restored her to physical strength and vibrant good health.

Thanks to The Gerson Institute.

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