Charlotte Gerson: The Gerson Therapy — A Lecture At The College Of Naturopathic Medicine

This is, probably, the best, and most comprehensive, lecture ever given in a single video, on the power of the Gerson Therapy. Charlotte Gerson delivers with great vigour and conviction the properties and undeniable efficacy of the Gerson Therapy for treating degenerative diseases. As well as describing the therapy in detail, she explains the nutritional science upon which it is built, including why it must be followed so strictly in order to be effective.

Charlotte explains, amongst many other things why many foods, considered healthy by naturopaths and nutritionists, cannot be eaten by people most in need of the immense power of Gerson Therapy.

This lecture was filmed in 2003, in London, at The College Of Naturopathic Medicine, when Charlotte was Eighty years old. At the time of posting this, in September 2014, Charlotte is recovering from a broken hip. The Gerson Institute continues to keep her many followers apprised of her progress, and to invite people to send their good wishes.

Please share this post as widely as you can, and with everyone whom you know, who is facing a major health challenge, or who may be caring and concerned for someone, precious to them. The gift of freedom from suffering chronic, degenerative, disease is one of the greatest gift anyone can ever give, and one of the most precious blessings to receive.

I count myself amongst those to have been given such a gift, when I learnt about Serrapeptase, Curcumin, and MaxiFocus which freed me from the toxic cocktail of prescription medication, which was close to destroying me, before a real understanding of the awesome power of real, natural food, as the catalyst for real healing, saved my life!

This life-saving, and life-changing gift, set me free to learn from such amazing people as Robert Redfern, Charlotte Gerson, Professor Bharat Aggarwal, Joyce Riley, Perry A~, and many others around the world. (See My Serrapeptase Adventure, for more information).

I consider it both an honour and a responsibility to share what I learn with you and with others, and, in turn, to learn from those who learn from me. Charlotte began to learn all she could from her father, Dr Max Gerson, when she was a teenager, and she continues to read, research and learn from every opportunity she finds. I invite you to join me, as I challenge myself to continue to learn from Charlotte’s example, and those of everyone else from whom I have the opportunity to learn.

For More information about The Gerson Therapy, you may find the following books and DVDs useful:

Thanks to: Charlotte Gerson, The Gerson Institute, and The College Of Naturopathic Medicine.

Last Checked/Updated: August 12, 2019.
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