Deadly Inoculations: Alex Jones Interviews Dr Andrew Wakefield

Join Alex Jones, in discussion with Dr Andrew Wakefield, the author of the book: Callous Disregard. In this interview, Dr Wakefield warns that the scientific community is intentionally, wilfully, disregarding the enormous amount of evidence that should raise concern about the possible links between routine vaccinations and harmful health side effects, being experienced by people, of all ages, around the world.

Best known for being at the centre of the MMR controversy, and for his willingness to stand for the truth, against the pharmaceutical industry, medical establishment, and media misrepresentation, aligned against him, Dr Wakefield highlights the fact that the campaigns against him, are examples of a wider conspiracy to mislead, control and limit, the ability of people to make informed choices about their health, and that of their children. The growing controversy surrounding Gardasil, provides the latest evidence of this plan in action.

Thanks to Alex Jones.


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