Dirty Medicine: The Handbook By Martin J Walker

Dirty Medicine: The Handbook, is a follow-up to ‘Dirty Medicine ‘ that appeared in 1993. Anybody involved in alternative medicine will be aware of direct and also subterfuge campaigns by powerful interests against them. Obviously in a pluralistic society other viewpoints will challenge and so it should be. If somebody invents a bizarre new form of therapy this should be looked at in a sceptical manner. However this book argues that ‘scientific corporatism’ is attempting to gain complete control in an anti-democratic and sinister manner.

This book aims to give a resume of the most important players in these attacks. The book has a strong political component which argues that ’20th century industrial capitalism’ is inadequate to protect the public interest. Science is seen as taken over by vested corporate interests who are out to crush challenges to their ways of thinking.

Quotations From The Book

Twenty years ago, the use of undercover groups and disinformation in aid of competitive marketing was restricted to a small number of toxic industries, such as those of asbestos and tobacco. As the run–down of the public sector has moved relentlessly forward, and the spaces left by ‘independent’ government–led bodies have been filled by corporate industry groups, so lobbying, undercover groups and disinformation have become, instead of peculiarities, the order of the day.

Just as, in 1985, one might have mistrusted a news item obviously promoted by the tobacco industry, today it would be unwise to believe any news item about science and environmentally caused illnesses. Today almost all information about the environmental causes of ill health is corrupted with hidden messages slipped in by corporate interests.

…the public relations industry has changed radically over the past 30 years, from an industry that promoted the good effects of products and services, to an industry primarily concerned with hiding or downplaying the high–risk, high–damage aspects of products and services. … If we are looking for an analysis of how unsafe products are protected, we need look no further than the structure of the PR industry and its connections with government.

Dirty Medicine: The Handbook, is available at The College of Naturopathic Medicine. The college, is one of the UK’s largest, highly-respected and well-known natural-medicine training providers, with sites in London, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, and Manchester.

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