Dr Deirdre Little: HPV Vaccines And Their Devastating Effects

Dr Deirdre Little, an obstetrician, knows cervical cancer, and risk thereof. She says Gardasil is unproven, was dishonestly fast tracked, and based on highly flawed research.

Dr Little is a practising GP Obstetrician and Visiting Medical Officer at Bellington Hospital where she has provided intrapartum obstetric care for 27 years. Dr Little is the Bioethics Officer for the Catholic Women’s League in New South Wales.

If you have any questions about HPV vaccine safety, efficacy or need, watch this video presentation. Dr Little’s in-depth analysis of HPV vaccines is essential viewing for anyone who is considering HPV vaccines as part of their cancer prevention strategy.

Thanks to The International Medical Council On Vaccination for alerting me to this video.

Last Checked/Updated: August 12, 2019.
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