Drug Muggers By Suzy Cohan

DrugMuggersIn Drug Muggers, pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, explains how to stop prescription medicine from “stealing the life out of you”.

Prescription drugs have an intended effect on the body but they may be reducing vital nutrients in your cells causing all sorts of annoying and dangerous side effects. For example, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs mug you of Coenzyme Q10, which powers your heart beat and keeps you from becoming weak, or developing leg cramps. Estrogen-containing drugs mug you of certain nutrients, leaving you hypothyroid, depressed and tired. Diabetic medications mug a certain B vitamin that protects you from stroke & heart attack. There are hundreds of medications included as well as drug-food interactions, like grapefruit, oatmeal and cheese interactions that could harm you. Protect yourself from side effects and potentially catastrophic health consequences with this amazing one-of-a-kind resource. Learn about absurdly inexpensive vitamins and minerals that can help you feel better and solve your problems once and for all.

Suzy Cohen

The Book is available at Dear Pharmacist.

Thanks to Dear Pharmacist.

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