Eating “Bugs” Is A Good Idea: Suzy Cohen

Pharmacist and holistic health author, Suzy Cohen has published an informative new article about probiotics.

A new approach to modern health care, known as medical ecology, seeks to change the way we think about bacteria. There are more than 100 trillion microbes that live inside you, that’s more than the number of actual cells that form you into a human being. You are merely the sum of the bacteria inside you, so it’s critical that the good organisms outnumber the bad ones, or else disease sets in. People who enjoy good health, do so because of their strong immune system which powers up at birth, with an assortment of healthy bacteria obtained from mother’s milk. The bacteria in a mother’s milk, for example, contains up to 600 species of organisms that prepare her baby’s digestive tract and lay the foundation for her immune system not only for childhood but well into adulthood.

Research is showing that countless species serve a good purpose in an interesting article written by Carl Zimmer entitled “How Microbes Defend and Define Us.” (New York Times. 12 June 2012). As adults, collectively-speaking, our intestinal microflora bugs weigh about 2 or 3 pounds, about as much as a brick. If you want to enjoy good health, your goal should be to make sure that of those 100 trillion bugs, most of them are good ones! While there are always going to be pathogenic organisms, it’s fair to say many members of our internal ecosystem are getting a bad rap for no reason.

Suzy Cohen
Pharmacist and Holistic Health Author

Thanks to Suzy Cohen, Dear Pharmacist.

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