Encouraging An Open Discussion Of Naturally Sustainable Good Health

It is crucial to defend the right of people to know the difference between health care and medical care, and to be able to make an informed choice between them.

Almost as soon as I started to focus upon a natural approach to health, I noticed how few of the stories, described by the mainstream media as health news, have anything to do with health. Most of them are about the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It is becoming more obvious that the health system is dominated by corporate greed and control. It is a system in which good health outcomes are much less of a priority than most people believe or would want them to be. The true goal is mass control.

For me, freedom from prescription medication has been the freedom to live a life that is so much more vibrant than the mere existence, offered by allopathic medicine. Disease control and symptoms management have their place, and I have benefited, and suffered, from both, but they must never be confused with health care.

My research focuses upon some of the critical issues, which I believe that each one of us must be able to address at a personal level and as responsible members of society, in order to regain and maintain naturally sustainable good health.

Health stories are a familiar part of news coverage, but the search for naturally sustained good health often means looking for the hidden background and detail that the media chooses not to focus upon. Still more important is finding, and understanding, the information that they do not cover at all. My own return to good health has only been possible because of the courage of a few people who are willing to share hidden health news.

If you thought the media reported health news, this site may make you think again. There can be no doubt that those who report the news, must decide which of a multitude of stories they will report, and the terms in which they do so. The problem is not that such choices are made, but who is able to influence them, without being held to account. When we watch, listen to, or read the news, we must remember that we are part of a target audience. We must not be passive recipients of the news. Understanding requires more than information, it requires clear thinking.

If you do not question everything around you, your mind will be filled with multitudes of emptiness; without questions, no answers can exist and understanding is impossible.

Mike Tawse


Real medicine is natural medicine, not the pharmaceutical alternative.

Mike Tawse

I would prefer to try natural, real, medicine first, rather than as a last resort, but if medics really did have conversations like this, it would be a start. Please share this if you would like to be able to discuss real medicine with your doctor.

I would like to encourage an open discussion of a naturally sustainable approach to good health. I look forward to welcoming you to the conversation via the Facebook Discussion Forum.

Thanks to Suzy Cohen, Dear Pharmacist, for the cartoon.

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