Farmers’ Lawsuit Against Monsanto Headed To US Supreme Court

A lawsuit challenging biotech giant Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) seed patents is heading to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The St. Louis-based chemical company, known for its Round-up glyphosate herbicide and the patented GM crops bred to withstand glyphosate use or to create their own pesticides (or both), has already filed more than 130 lawsuits involving some 400 farmers and over 50 small businesses for patent infringement when these seeds have been found contaminating their fields.

Seventy-three organic and conventional family farmers, public advocacy groups and seed companies have joined the lawsuit against Monsanto in an attempt to block the company from suing them when these biotech crop seeds inadvertently contaminate their farms. Monsanto insists the lawsuit has no merit and is creating controversy for no reason; the company has reportedly promised not to sue unless its patented seed technology is used without paying royalties.

While Monsanto is busy making promises not to sue farmers who cannot help it if these seeds contaminate their fields, the company’s legacy of broken promises speaks for itself.

More than 300 million acres of Monsanto’s GM crops are planted worldwide every year. Even though Monsanto and other biotech companies have promised these new science experiments would offer greater food yields requiring less herbicides, neither has been the case in reality.

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