Health And Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life By Dr Russell Blaylock

HealthAndNutritionSecretsDr Russell Blaylock is the author of, Health And Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life. This book covers a wide variety of nutritionally related health subjects, bringing together a comprehensive discussion of disorders as well as outlining specific nutritional supplements that have shown benefit in treating the condition.

The book begins with a general discussion of the disease process, which shows the link between inflammation, free radical generation and the breakdown of cell function-hence illness. Blaylock also demonstrates in a clear way how the body is designed to protect itself and why this protection often fails. Discussed is one of the newer findings in nutrition, and that is how nutrition can program our genes, ether for health or sickness, depending on our nutritional intake during this critical time.

The subsequent chapters discuss in a comprehensive and understandable way a host of medical conditions including one of the most extensive discussions of mercury, fluoride, cadmium and aluminium toxicity to be found. Other topics covered include diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, strokes, the vaccine controversy, pesticides, osteoporosis, leaky gut syndrome, brain protection, the immune system, omega-3 fats and an updated chapter on new findings concerning excitotoxicity. There is a special chapter on “Preparing for a Trip to the Hospital” that covers critical material never discussed in other nutritional books.

All of the material covered in the book is carefully referenced.

The book is available at Dr Blaylock’s website.

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