James Colquhoun: What Is The Definition Of Wellness?

Once upon a time, health was commonly defined as merely the absence of disease. In fact, in many parts of the world today, many health professionals still practice through this outdated and antiquated paradigm. The dominant healthcare culture tends to view the body as a machine, capable of black and white states of health and illness.

This approach can be helpful if you have a condition that is quantifiable and measurable. (Think, for example, of infections, trauma and critical disease.) However, the issue is that this view of health doesn’t account for other factors that also affect our health in an indirect, unquantifiable way, such as sleep quality, stress, diet and emotional well-being.

Besides, ‘the absence of disease’ seems like a rather depressing definition of health, doesn’t it? Alternatively, I believe that true health involves a much more holistic picture; certainly an absence of disease, yes. But what about vitality? Energy? Happiness and contentment? A body that serves you for many long years at optimal capacity?

I’ve highlighted ten areas below that I personally believe helps us reach true health, in a broader definition of the word. I.e. total wellness for your body, mind and soul!

James Colquhoun
Film-Maker: Food Matters and Hungry For Change.

Food Matters

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