Jeffrey Smith: Monsanto Wants Total Control

Join Sophie Shevardnadze and Jeffrey Smith, as they discuss how Monsanto wants total control of the food industry, and covers up the grave danger of genetically engineering our food.

Supermarkets are flooded with genetically modified food, but how safe is it to eat them? Tasty and beautiful, they are produced with intervention unprecedented in history. Gene manipulation: how appropriate is it? Does it contribute to solving the food crisis on the planet? Or will humanity have to pay a costly price for meddling with what is not theirs.

With genetically modified products you take individual genes from the DNA of one species, and you force it into the DNA of other species, so you can mix and match between humans, animals, viruses, bacteria and plants. This is completely new, this was never done before. It’s a radical new way of creating new organisms that are not the products of billions of years of evolution and not the products of sexual reproduction. What do you need to know is that the process itself is flawed – it creates unpredicted side-effects, so there could be new allergens, new toxins, new anti-nutrients, carcinogens , created from the process itself. Then there is what they put in and it turns out they are putting toxins in our food – the ones that kill insects – and they put other things in the plants that allow the plants to be drenched with more toxins, weed-killers, which we consume. So whether it’s the process of genetic engineering itself or the specific gene that they put in – there’s now considerable evidence that this is not something you’d want to put in your mouth.

Jeffrey Smith
The Institute For Responsible Technology


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Thanks to The Institute For Responsible Technology, for alerting me to this article.

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