Knockout By Suzanne Somers

KnockoutIf you went to school all these years to learn how to administer chemotherapy and someone comes and says ‘I’ve got a better way than those drugs,’ what is this doctor gonna do? So, they are fighting it tooth and nail.

200,000 women die every year. Where is the success?

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers refused chemotherapy and healed cancer naturally. In Knockout, Suzanne Somers interviews doctors who are successfully using the most innovative cancer treatments — treatments that build up the body rather than tear it down. Somers herself has stared cancer in the face, and a decade later she has conquered her fear and has emerged confident with the path she’s chosen. Now she shares her personal choices and outlines an array of options.

Since prevention is the best course, Somers’ experts provide nutrition, lifestyle, and dietary supplementation options to help protect you from getting the disease in the first place. Whichever path you choose, Knockout is a must-have resource to navigate the life-and-death world of cancer and increase your odds of survival. After reading stunning testimonials from inspirational survivors using alternative treatments, you’ll be left with a feeling of empowerment and something every person who is touched by this disease needs… HOPE.


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