Leadership And Longevity 2015 — Dr Andrew Wakefield: Autism And Mandatory Vaccinations

Watch Dr Andrew Wakefield discuss the widely controversial topic of vaccine health in his “CDC Whistleblower” presentation at The Leadership And Longevity (November 14th) 2015 Conference.

Please, please, listen carefully as Dr Wakefield clearly states the actual conclusion of The Lancet paper (1998), which has been misrepresented, worldwide, ever since its publication. Furthermore, Dr Wakefield summarises the English High Court’s judgement, upon the General Medical Council’s ruling against one of his colleagues. The court’s judgement was rendered upon the appeal of Professor Walker-Smith’s appeal.

The Health-Care Survivor’s Comment

We must never allow vaccinations to become mandatory, in the UK, or anywhere else where human live if valued above corporate profit, for if we do, Dr Wakefield’s dire prediction for our future will become the medical reality which finally destroys our ability ever to be naturally, sustainably, healthy.

We are all going to become ATM machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Andrew Wakefield

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