Mike Adams: Alkaline Diet Food Secrets Revealed

Which alkaline diet foods are the most effective at “alkalizing” your body? Is alkalizing even important all by itself, or is it more important to choose healthy, whole foods regardless of their pH?

In this new audio program, I explore the most common myths, secrets and truths about the so-called “alkaline diet” and cover foods that work to help you get better results more quickly.

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Learn
  • Is an alkaline diet automatically an “anti-cancer” diet? Clearing up some of the myths…
  • The real reason why most “acidic foods” promote cancer: it may have little to do with their acidity, it turns out.
  • Why you need strong acid in your stomach in order to properly digest foods and extract anti-cancer nutrients. So strong acid is actually “anti-cancer” in terms of digestion.
  • Why chewing healthy foods is such an important part of any anti-cancer strategy: tips on healthful digestion.
  • Why taking antacids can cause horrible digestion problems and actually harm your health.
  • Why you should never drink alkaline water with a meal: it can impair digestion.
  • How to boost your stomach’s natural acid production through frequent juicing of certain vegetables.
  • Why you may wish to try vinegar instead of antacids the next time you experience so-called “heartburn.”
  • Some simple recipes for delicious juicing that also incorporate the best vegetables for supporting healthful digestion.
  • Why other processed food properties far beyond “acidity” are most likely responsible for cancer-causing effects.
  • Discussion of myths and facts about baking soda as an alkalizing agent.
  • Bone health: What your bones are really made of (alkaline minerals) and why that matters to any alkaline diet strategy.
  • Why your body must maintain a strict, narrow pH range for your blood of around 7.4. (Your blood pH cannot drastically change from that without you dying…)
  • Why your body must compensate for the pH of acidic foods you eat (or acidic beverages such as soda).
  • How drinking soda causes your body to strip alkaline minerals from your own bones!
  • Why drinking sodas causes kidney stones (and fragile bones, too).
  • Are water alkalizers any good? Do they really work?
  • How to strategically use water alkalizers so that they don’t interfere with your digestion of food.
  • Economic considerations for investing in your health.

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