Millions March Against Monsanto!

The World Is Awakening! No To GMOs! Millions spoke up in protests and rallies in over 50 countries and over 400 cities across the world on this historical day, May 25th, 2013!


Check out the Official March Against Monsanto Facebook Page for details of the 2013 marches.

The Health-Care Survivor’s Comment

I was disappointed, but sadly unsurprised, that this major worldwide campaign received almost no media coverage at all. The little coverage there was, in the UK, was after the event, meaning that people could not make an informed choice about whether or not they wanted to take part in local marches.

It has been announced that another worldwide event will take place on October 12 2013, in hundreds of cities.

Please spread the word, and defend your right to eat real, safe, natural food and to avoid genetically modified food and genetic engineering in all its forms. Thank you.

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