Monsanto’s ‘Roundup Ready’ GM Maize Could Be Growing In Europe Next Year

Sign The Petition To MEPs Telling Them To Vote Against This Dangerous Plan

Europe may have just opened the floodgates for Monsanto to grow its genetically modified crops across the continent. But the European Parliament can still vote to stop this.

GM crops are deeply unpopular with European citizens, but the industry’s massive lobbying is finally paying off. Last week, the EU Environment Council accepted a proposal that could see GM crops planted in Europe as soon as next year.

Even worse, the proposal could give Monsanto and other biotech giants the power to overturn decisions made by democratically-elected governments to ban GM crops.

The European Parliament can still reject this decision. With MEPs voting on the issue soon, we need to make sure they hear from citizens across the continent to reject this Monsanto-backed proposal.

Tell MEPs to vote against allowing GM crops in Europe.

GM crops are deeply unpopular with European citizens. Wherever GM crops are grown, the dramatic increase in pesticide use like Mosanto’s poisonous Roundup can have devastating effects on the environment and health. It’s clear we need to be phasing out the use of chemicals on our farms, not ramping them up.

The proposal is being spun by the European Council as a ‘compromise’, but in reality it could allow GM companies like Monsanto to run roughshod over any opposition. Experts have warned that it would weaken the legal basis upon which countries can ban GM crops, opening their democratic laws prohibiting GMOs up to legal challenge. With Bayer and Syngenta already fighting in the courts to overturn Europe’s ban on bee-killing “neonics”, this is a real threat.

This is a brazen capitulation to the massive biotech lobby. No country that chooses to ban or regulate GMOs should be terrified of corporate lawsuits for taking this stand. But SumOfUs was created to harness our power as citizens and consumers against corporations — and it’s not too late to stop this.

The European Parliament still has to vote on whether to take these proposals forward. MEPs need to be reminded that we do not need or want GM crops here in Europe. Let’s make sure they hear us louder than Monsanto!

Time To Take Action
Sign The Petition To MEPs Telling Them To Vote Against This Dangerous Plan is a movement of consumers, workers and shareholders speaking with one voice to counterbalance the growing power of large corporations. Join us on our journey as we seek to make the world a better place for ourselves, our children and all who share our planet.

Thanks to The Alliance For Natural Health, for alerting me to this petition.

More Information

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Update 11 November 2014

AMAZING NEWS: We won! Today MEPs voted to close major loopholes in proposed legislation to ban GMOs from Europe and voted against giving biotech companies like Monsanto a role in decision-making about GM crop bans. This is a major victory for our campaign!

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