New Study Suggests: Vitamin C Kills Drug-Resistant TB

Vitamin C can kill multidrug-resistant TB in the lab, scientists have found.
The surprise discovery may point to a new way of tackling this increasingly hard-to-treat infection, the US study authors from Yeshiva University say in Nature Communications.

An estimated 650,000 people worldwide have multidrug-resistant TB.

Studies are now needed to see if a treatment that works using the same action as vitamin C would be useful as a TB drug in humans.

BBC News

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It is encouraging to see BBC News reporting research into a natural approach to the treatment of a drug-resistant disease, until they draw the conclusion that a new drug may be developed from it.

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring, bioavailable, substance. Surely, the focus of research should be upon learning how this powerful, and essential, gift of nature can be used in its vital, natural, form. It would be tragic to allow the pharmaceutical industry even more control than it already has, to patent the power of nature before selling it back to us in a variety of adulterated, and weakened forms.

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