NHS Must Be Open Over Mistakes, Says Review

A duty of candour was one of the recommendations of the Stafford Hospital public inquiry

The NHS in England must be open and honest about mistakes, a government-commissioned inquiry recommends.

The review – by a leading surgeon and hospital boss – called for a statutory duty of candour on hospitals, GPs and other organisations when errors were made that caused significant harm.

Crucially for campaigners, the definition includes moderate levels of harm such as pressure ulcers.

The move had been called for by the Stafford Hospital public inquiry.

But when ministers unveiled their official response to the inquiry at the end of last year, this was one of the few recommendations they did not back in full.

There were concerns it could lead to more legal action being taken.

So instead the government set up this review, which was led by Royal College of Surgeons president Prof Norman Williams and Salford Royal Hospital chief executive Sir David Dalton, to look at how it should work in detail.

Prof Williams said his view was that patients were more interested in openness rather than money.

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The Health-Care Survivor’s Comment

This story is, perhaps, less surprising than it should be. The clear implication of this report is that the NHS is neither required, nor expected, to be honest with patients about medical mistakes, prescribing errors, and treatment failures.
My Serrapeptase Adventure, in which I document my own search for good health brought this issue into sharp focus for me, several years ago. Later, I wrote:

For me, freedom from prescription medication has been the freedom to live a life that is so much more vibrant than the mere existence, offered by allopathic medicine. Disease control and even symptoms management both have their place, and I have benefited from both, but they must never be confused with health care.

Almost as soon as I started to focus upon a natural approach to health, I noticed how few of the stories, described by the mainstream media as health news, have anything to do with health. Most of them are about the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It is becoming more obvious that the health system is dominated by corporate greed and control. It is a system in which good health outcomes are much less of a priority than most people believe or would want them to be. The true goal is mass control.

Mike Tawse: The Health-Care Survivor

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