Pink Ribbons Inc: The Documentary

pinkribbonsincWhile the pink ribbons campaign has done a lot to raise awareness about breast cancer this film uncovers the real truth behind it all.

You might be shocked to discover some of the questionable companies involved in the campaign, where your money goes, and how little is spent on prevention and natural therapies. It’s a well produced and must watch film!

James Colquhoun
Producer/Director Food Matters and Hungry For Change

Why You Should Watch This Film

If there’s one reason that you could benefit from watching this film, it’s to understand the cancer industry and how this campaign really works. ‘Pink Washing’ is a campaign designed to raise awareness, which is great, but in truth may be actually helping contribute to the cancer industry. The term ‘Pink Washing’ is used when companies color their products pink or add a pink ribbon to their packaging to entice people to buy. Unfortunately what happens when people buy, where the money goes, how the money is spent is a problem that is largely overlooked.

Pink Ribbons, Inc, shows how the devastating reality of breast cancer has become clouded by a shiny, pink story of success. It’s time to face the facts about “pink” product marketing and start saving lives with solid prevention programs, more research into natural therapies and access to solid information on nutrition instead.

Revelatory. Deserves to be seen.

The New York Times

What You’ll Discover In This Film
  • Who really benefits from pink-washing.
  • The disconnect between research and results.
  • How breast-cancer research is poorly coordinated and favors drug companies.
  • How breast cancer fundraising may boost corporate profits and brand awareness more than it benefits people with the disease.
  • The fact that it raises millions of dollars for the cause, yet prevention in highly underfunded and breast cancer rates keep rising.
  • That many companies profiting from these campaigns may actually be contributing to the breast cancer by selling known carcinogens.
  • Why so many women feel alienated by an approach which can be seen as a “tyranny of cheerfulness”.
About Pink Ribbons Inc

Pink ribbons, they’re everywhere: t-shirts, hats, yogurt cups, KFC buckets, car ads, NFL stadiums…the list goes on and on. They make us feel good, as if we’re all engaged in a successful battle against breast cancer.

But who is really benefiting? After all, more and more women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Maybe it’s the companies who wrap their products in pink to gain our admiration and money. Then wouldn’t it be something if some of the very companies that profit from their pink marketing campaigns have actually contributed to the breast cancer epidemic by selling known carcinogens?

Pink Ribbons, Inc, goes inside the story to reveal those who have co-opted what marketing experts have labeled a “dream cause.”

  • Dr Samantha King (author of Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy)
  • Barbara Brenner (of Breast Cancer Action)
  • Barbara Ehrenreich author/activist (Nickel and Dimed)
  • Nancy Brinker (of Susan G. Komen for the Cure)
  • Dr Susan Love, advocate/surgeon

Pool and her interviewees ask a crucial question with this film: Has the pink ribbon campaign actually helped save lives? Or is it simply a way for companies to look good — and sell products — on the back of women who have gone through terrible tragedies?

Kelly Jane Torrance,
Washington Examiner

The feature-length DVD is available at Food Matters.

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