Prescription Drug Abuse May Now Be The Top Cause Of Accidental Death In America

The phrase “prescription drug abuse” allows Big Pharma to get away with too much, shifting the blame to stoners, druggies and youths who like to get their kicks from illegal prescriptions and black market OxyContin-type drugs that sell for high prices.

Death By Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions, written by Dr. Carolyn Dean, outlines the statistics and issues within several other categories of prescription drugs that have caused deaths despite being properly prescribed and used.

Dr. Dean’s latest book has uncovered even more statistics of iatrogenic (medically caused) death than her original paper Death By Medicine. The death toll has gone up to almost 900,000 annually from various areas that include hospital stays, surgeries, incorrect or unnecessary procedures and prescriptions.

But the highest death toll comes with adverse reactions from “correctly prescribed” medications and procedures.

Over the counter drugs (OTC) haven’t been included in these statistics, but OTC sleeping pills and Tylenol (acetaminophen) are responsible for many more ER visits and deaths. Also not included are permanent disabilities from vaccines and other drugs.

The numbers are probably worse than any statistical reports, as not all adverse reactions are actually reported.

Regardless of Dr. Dean’s and others’ offered solutions, the actual solution probably won’t come until the whole edifice of the medical mafia finally crumbles with enough health-conscious people abandoning it, by self-educating and living healthier lifestyles while seeking natural medical solutions.

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