Prescription: Suicide? The Documentary

Prescription: Suicide? is an unprecedented feature documentary built around intimately told personal stories of six American families, their hopes and experiences with anti-depressant drugs prescribed to their children. As the film unfolds, we meet a range of individuals — some shy, some outspoken. Many have experienced tragedies and their pain is undeniable, yet with strength, humour and resilience, they love, care, struggle and speak for those who are no longer with us.

The documentary takes an intimate look at the personal impact of anti-depressant drugs on children and teenagers.

The filmmakers have weaved together six distinct stories of real people and real experiences. They have captured a sense of the arguments in an ongoing controversy that affects millions of Americans in a documentary that ultimately asks the question if these so-called revolutionary medications can be used safely.

This isn’t a story about money or big pharmaceutical corporations, it’s a story about tragedies in individual families like you and me and our kids.

Robert Manciero

Some people call them “miracle” drugs. But can they be safely administered? Can physicians — can the drug manufacturers themselves — adequately understand the risks these newly developed drugs pose to their patients? This program lets families directly impacted take centre stage. They are sharing their stories, speaking from their hearts. Through their experiences an understanding is being gained that is essential, even critical, when making a decision about the use of these medications.

Prescription: Suicide? is a passionate, often disturbing look into the lives of six families, and was produced and directed by Robert Manciero and Rich Samuels with David Garland as co-producers.

The Families

Reluctant at first but wanting to share their personal tragedies so that others could hopefully be spared similar experiences, these six families courageously put aside their personal considerations and allow the audience to take an intimate look at the personal impact of anti-depressant drugs on their children.

Ultimately they realised that they were given false and insufficient information along with improper diagnoses that turned their worlds upside down and changed their lives forever. Only through their personal perseverance were they able to find out what really happened to their children, uncover the information that was withheld and begin rebuilding faith in their own lives.

The DVD is available at the producers website.

Thanks to Gwen Olsen: The RX Reformer, for alerting me to this heart-rending and thought provoking film.

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