Mike Adams: Top Foods That Capture Dietary Mercury

Mike Adams joins The Robert Scott Bell Show and reveals a number of botanical strategies to block absorption of dietary mercury!

Mike Adams: The Health-Ranger, has written a detailed article, which provides an insight into his research.

As part of my ongoing scientific research into heavy metals, elemental retention and metals capturing (see explanatory videos here), I have identified and documented anti-heavy-metals substances which have a remarkable natural affinity for binding with and “capturing” heavy metals.

Why is this important? Because much of the “scientific” community today is actually corporate-driven junk science that’s trying to poison you with mercury in vaccines, mercury in dental fillings, heavy metals in fluoride, GMOs, pesticides and more.

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Lily Milkovic: Introducing Calcium Bentonite Clay — An Interview With Perry A~

Join Lily Milkovic and Perry A~, in this wide-ranging interview, exploring some of the countless benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay — an aged volcanic ash known for its detoxification and healing properties. Learn how the clay can help you eliminate candida overgrowth, stimulate your thyroid, and rid you of heavy metals.

Since I learnt about Calcium Bentonite Clay, as part of My Serrapeptase Adventure, in 2007, It has continued to be an integral part of my own approach to naturally sustained good health. Perry’s book, Calcium Bentonite Clay… Nature’s Own Miracle Cure, was one of the most important books I read, after my eyesight and visual perception improved enough to make reading a useful pleasure, once I escaped the toxic cocktail of prescription medication, in 2006. Read More

Mike Adams’ Awakenings: The Greatest Health Conspiracy Of All Time

The newest episode of Awakenings reveals what I call the greatest health conspiracy of all time: the institutionalized effort prevent you from realizing that you are born with all the programming you need to create perfect health and even heal yourself of deadly disease.

Even though this universal, fundamental truth is undeniable, nearly every modern institution of medicine, food, science and media tries to convince you that we’re all born as “defects” requiring medical intervention to be “healthy.”

The truth is far more empowering: You are born as a complete, empowered human being, requiring no injections, medications or interventions to achieve and express perfect health!

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Mike Adams: Alkaline Diet Food Secrets Revealed

Which alkaline diet foods are the most effective at “alkalizing” your body? Is alkalizing even important all by itself, or is it more important to choose healthy, whole foods regardless of their pH?

In this new audio program, I explore the most common myths, secrets and truths about the so-called “alkaline diet” and cover foods that work to help you get better results more quickly.

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Learn
  • Is an alkaline diet automatically an “anti-cancer” diet? Clearing up some of the myths…
  • The real reason why most “acidic foods” promote cancer: it may have little to do with their acidity, it turns out.
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The Health Ranger Report — Type Two Diabetes: Myths And Secrets Explained

Type 2 diabetes rates are skyrocketed among children and teens across the U.S., according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (1). Rates climbed 21% from 2000 to 2009, and most experts believe they have continued to rise in the five years since.

What’s almost never reported, however, is that type 2 diabetes can be reversed and cured in a matter of days or weeks. The medical establishment falsely insists that diabetes is a “disease” which can only be “managed,” not halted or reversed. But that’s false information founded in for-profit medicine, not real physiological science.

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