Hungry For Change: The Documentary

HungryForChangeIntroducing Hungry For Change, the latest Food Matters film. Hungry For Change exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight-loss and food industry don’t want you to know about. Deceptive strategies designed to keep you craving more and more. Could the foods we are eating actually be keeping us stuck in the diet trap?

In Hungry For Change (DVD) you will learn
  • How to navigate your supermarket – what to buy and what to avoid
  • The real truth behind “DIET”, “SUGAR-FREE” and “FAT-FREE” products
  • How to overcome food addictions and cravings
  • Why fad diets don’t work
  • What food additives to avoid and how to read labels
  • What is fat and cellulite and how do we get rid of it for good
  • The most effective detox and cleansing strategies, and
  • How to eat for clear eyes, glowing skin and healthy hair

This inspiring film has the power to transform your health!

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Gut By Dr Giulia Enders

Enders’ wonder at the strange ways of the gut is matched only by her incredulity at the limited public knowledge on the subject.

The New York Times

A cheeky up-close and personal guide to the secrets and science of our digestive system

For too long, the gut has been the body’s most ignored and least appreciated organ, but it turns out that it’s responsible for more than just dirty work: our gut is at the core of who we are. Gut, an international bestseller, gives the alimentary canal its long-overdue moment in the spotlight. With quirky charm, rising science star Giulia Enders explains the gut’s magic, answering questions like:

  • Why does acid reflux happen?
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Eating Additive-Free By Christy Pooschke

EatingAdditiveFreeChronic pain and fatigue stole several years of my life. In retrospect, it appears that I am one of the lucky ones. At the time, however, I wasn’t sure how I’d make it through another day — or what the point would be even if I did. I was in pure misery, suffering from an “invisible illness” for which there was no treatment and no cure — and, really, no clear cause. These were the worst years of my life by a long shot! I was 25 years old and was just finishing up my final year of graduate school. I was just getting started with my “adult life” when the rug was pulled out from under me. Life, as I had known it, was over!

Good health was something that I’d always taken for granted, I suppose.

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Lily Milkovic: Introducing Calcium Bentonite Clay — An Interview With Perry A~

Join Lily Milkovic and Perry A~, in this wide-ranging interview, exploring some of the countless benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay — an aged volcanic ash known for its detoxification and healing properties. Learn how the clay can help you eliminate candida overgrowth, stimulate your thyroid, and rid you of heavy metals.

Since I learnt about Calcium Bentonite Clay, as part of My Serrapeptase Adventure, in 2007, It has continued to be an integral part of my own approach to naturally sustained good health. Perry’s book, Calcium Bentonite Clay… Nature’s Own Miracle Cure, was one of the most important books I read, after my eyesight and visual perception improved enough to make reading a useful pleasure, once I escaped the toxic cocktail of prescription medication, in 2006. Continue Reading

The High Blood Pressure Hoax By Dr Sherry Rogers

In this interview, with Daniel Davis, for Beyond50Radio, Dr Sherry Rogers introduces her book, The High Blood Pressure Hoax.

Dr Sherry Rogers argues that:

Blood pressure drugs guarantee you will get worse, for they actually deplete the nutrients that prevent high blood pressure, making sure you will need even more medications. They also shrink the brain and raise your risk of heart attack, senility and blindness. High blood pressure is not a deficiency of blood pressure-lowering drugs. But there are dozens of ways you can permanently cure your high blood pressure without drugs.

And since healthy blood vessels determine the longevity of every organ in the entire body, you need this book even if you don’t have high blood pressure, for vascular health is key to total body health and longevity.

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