Pink Ribbons Inc: The Documentary

pinkribbonsincWhile the pink ribbons campaign has done a lot to raise awareness about breast cancer this film uncovers the real truth behind it all.

You might be shocked to discover some of the questionable companies involved in the campaign, where your money goes, and how little is spent on prevention and natural therapies. It’s a well produced and must watch film!

James Colquhoun
Producer/Director Food Matters and Hungry For Change

Why You Should Watch This Film

If there’s one reason that you could benefit from watching this film, it’s to understand the cancer industry and how this campaign really works. Continue Reading

The Hungry For Change Mastery Program

The Hungry For Change Mastery Program is a major new production from the makers of Food Matters. Introducing the program, producer James Colquhoun, writes:

Are You Ready to Take Your Health To A New Level?

In this day and age we are constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising messages convincing us that our perfect health is just a pill or diet soda away.

The truth is that unfortunately this is not the case. We have never been sicker or more overweight. This program will hold your hand through a journey of discovery so you will never feel confused about what or how much to put on your plate.

All This Started With My Father’s Story…

In 2002 my father was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and Anxiety.

Continue Reading

Prescription: Suicide? The Documentary

Prescription: Suicide? is an unprecedented feature documentary built around intimately told personal stories of six American families, their hopes and experiences with anti-depressant drugs prescribed to their children. As the film unfolds, we meet a range of individuals — some shy, some outspoken. Many have experienced tragedies and their pain is undeniable, yet with strength, humour and resilience, they love, care, struggle and speak for those who are no longer with us.

The documentary takes an intimate look at the personal impact of anti-depressant drugs on children and teenagers.

The filmmakers have weaved together six distinct stories of real people and real experiences. Continue Reading

Water: The Great Mystery

Water is one of the most profound and thought provoking films I have ever seen!

It’s definitely on my top 10 list.

Warning: after watching this film you may: start playing classical music more often, look cautiously at your faucet water, consider your brain and body when drinking water, giving thanks and gratitude for your water (and food), and you will most certainly never look at this simple element in the same way again!

I urge you to check it out and share this message with family and friends! (especially if they need healing)”

James Colquhoun
Producer, Food Matters and Hungry For Change

Five Reasons You Should Watch This Film
  • If you are interested in deeper knowledge of the water you drink and how it effects your body
  • You want to discover the amazing secrets of how water can hold memory
  • You are open to taking your mind to another level to discover the beauty and complexity of mother nature
  • You want to understand why it is important for us to protect our natural environment
  • To understand how every living thing is essentially a container of water and how we can positively and negatively effect it’s makeup

This film is truly compelling and will have you thinking “wow” at the end. Continue Reading

Homegrown Revolution: The Urban Homestead

HomegrownRevolutionHomegrown Revolution is a short introduction to the home-grown project that has been called a new revolution in urban sustainability.

In the midst of a dense city setting in downtown Pasadena, radical change is taking root. For over twenty years, the Dervaes family have transformed their home into an urban homestead and model for sustainable agriculture and city living.

Through the creation of the “Urban Homestead” the Dervaes family shows that change is possible — one step at a time. They harvest 3 tons of organic food annually from their tenth of an acre garden while incorporating many back-to-basics practices, solar energy and biodiesel in order to reduce their footprint on the earth’s resources. Continue Reading