Rethinking Cancer: The Documentary

RetinkingCancerThere’s nothing quite as valuable as seeing the successes of others who have gone before you.

James Colquhoun
Producer Director Food Matters

Rethinking Cancer, tracks the stories of five long-term survivors, whose recoveries range from 15-37 years (and counting), explaining why and how they went a different route with cancer, and, in one case, Lyme disease. Some were led to seek out alternatives after the standard course of treatment failed – literally sent home to die by physicians who said they could do no more for them. Others, after long investigation and soul searching, bravely chose the non-toxic, natural course of action because it seemed a more sensible, logical approach – that healing could be better fostered by nourishing, repairing and detoxifying the body, rather than being subjected to toxic substances that would cause further damage and side effects without addressing the underlying problem.

This film features ordinary people who dared to question the medical model.

The DVD is available at Food Matters.

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