Robert F Kennedy Jr On Thimerosal – Let The Science Speak

Growing numbers of Americans are refusing to vaccinate their children because they think vaccines are causing autism. But it’s not the vaccines that appear to be one cause of neurological disorders, it’s something else. Now, a senior CDC vaccine safety scientist has invoked the protection of the Federal Whistle-blower Statute, and is claiming that the CDC knew that thimerosal was unsafe, but pressured him to publish studies claiming otherwise.


Robert F Kennedy Jr is the Vaccine Safety Czar appointed by President Trump. The goal is to study all of the vaccines being given to children and also what is being given to pregnant women. The goal being to find out what is causing the Autism epidemic.

When someone tells you there is no mercury in vaccines, remember these videos.

Still don’t believe it, have a look at the label.

Thanks to Dr Sherri Tenpenny, The International Medical Council on Vaccination.


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