Robert Redfern: Salt — The Essential Truth

I first wrote about salt in 2006, when I learnt about the potentially beneficial effect of halotherapy: aerosol salt treatment of respiratory diseases.

I have been using The Cisca Saltpipe, invented in Hungary, ever since. The pipe contains two ceramic filters containing selected Halite salt crystals formed in Hungarian caves around 20 million years ago.

Originally developed specifically to aid breathing and address respiratory disorders, The Cisca Saltpipe has now also been found to improve overall well being. Its detoxifying properties help the absorption of oxygen and users have found a marked improvement in their general state of health.

Air is purified as it is drawn over the salt crystals and the sensation is very much like taking in a deep breath of fresh air at the seaside. The salt micro-particles penetrate deep into the lungs unclogging blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles by restoring the normal transport of mucus. The particles also kill the microbes, which can lead to inflammation of lung tissue.

The use of salt treatment for respiratory illness such as asthma, allergy, and bronchitis is not well known in the UK.

Many people are worried about the use of salt. ‘Salt’ as we know it in western society generally refers to sodium chloride, more commonly known as ‘table salt’. Sodium chloride is a processed form of salt, which has had many beneficial minerals removed, leaving a modified substance, which is potentially harmful to the body, particularly in relation to blood pressure.

In this video, from Really Healthy Foods and Good Health News TV, nutritionist and natural health advocate, Robert Redfern, discusses the controversial subject of the significance of salt as a part of good nutrition.

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