Roundup Is Toxic To The Heart – New Study

Roundup had toxic effects on the hearts of rabbits and rats in a new study led by Steeve Gress and conducted in the lab of Prof Gilles-Eric Seralini. Doses were equivalent to those that would be expected in acute poisoning incidents. The hearts were tested “ex vivo” – removed from the animals at the time of sacrifice and kept alive in solution.

Glyphosate alone – the supposed “active” ingredient of Roundup – had no such effects, though it is this substance in isolation that is tested and assessed for long-term safety in regulatory approvals. This confirms the findings of other animal and test tube studies that complete pesticide formulations are more toxic than their isolated “active” ingredients.

The findings of the new study may provide an explanation for anecdotal reports from hunters of rabbits dying suddenly after crossing a Roundup-sprayed field, and from pet owners of dogs dying of seizures after exposure to Roundup-sprayed lawns – as well as cases of heart problems documented in people after Roundup poisoning.

GMO Seralini

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