Sarah Henderson: Allow Registered Birth Certificates For Children Born From 20 Weeks

Rowan, my daughter, was stillborn at 23 weeks and 4 days (6 months). I was in labour for 7 hours before she arrived naturally but she is legally described as a miscarriage and will never have a birth certificate.

This ruling needs to be overhauled allowing these children’s births to be registered.

All babies should be recognised and child loss at any stage is no less traumatic.

Due to babies now being viable before 24 weeks I would like the term stillbirth to be used from 20 weeks and birth certificates issued.

I lost Rowan in April 2015 and it’s so important to me that she should have a birth certificate so she is registered as a member of our family for future generations. That her branch is marked on our family tree.

Sarah Henderson
Roan’s Mum

The Health-Care survivor’s Comment

It is my honour to bring you Sarah’s heart-rending story, and to invite you to join her courageous campaign.

For information, and support, please visit the Saying Goodbye website.

Please Sign Sarah’s Petition
Timothy Pothecary.

Sarah, I was really touched this morning whilst listening to your interview on Radio 5. Your bravery to discuss such a personal and tragic event. A thing of beauty was your immense love you gave Roan in very challenging and traumatic time, this coming when there is not very much love in the world at all! I agree that there should be an officially recognised certificate/register as recognition to “Still Born” infants. As discussed it is a missing link in future family tree’s. Why should these infants be treated as if they never existed? They deserve better! Could you send me the link to the website so that I can add my support to the petition.

Regards Tim.

The Health-Care Survivor

Thank you for contacting me, and I apologise that it has taken longer than it should for me to be able to reply. The Green Link, saying ‘Please Sign Sarah’s Petition’, will take you to the page for you to sign up. After the petition closes, the same link will show you the government response to it. Best wishes, Mike Tawse: The Health-Care Survivor.

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