Sarah Henderson: Our Message Has Been Heard

27 Jan 2017 — Some of you will have seen this petition featured on BBC breakfast and heard me on BBC5 live this morning.

Every single one of your signatures helped make this happen. Each of you helped bring this to the attention of the media so we can ask publicly for change. Without your support I would never have had the opportunity, or the courage, to bring this to the BBC. I am a small voice, but together we have been heard.

This does not end here for me – I will continue to work with Zoë and the charity Saying Goodbye to help action change and get the recognition our children deserve with an optional certificate and record for all loss, no matter the gestation. This will not only acknowledge the existence of children like Rowan but enable mothers and fathers to access better support such as bereavement leave from work. Hugely important in the healing process.

Whilst it’s unlikely birth certification will be reduced in the near future from 24 weeks, this petition and your support has had a positive impact and WILL help action change.

Sarah Henderson
Rowan’s Mum

Please Sign Sarah’s Petition
The Health-Care Survivor’s Comment

I hope you will join me, both in congratulating Sarah Henderson on the success her courageous campaign, so far, and in counting to support parents who are asking for their children to be recognised, by law, and by society.

For information, and support, please visit the Saying Goodbye website.

With best wishes, I promise my own support for Sarah, and the team.

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