Sugar: The Bitter Truth, Professor Robert H Lustig

University of California Television: Mini Medical School for the Public, presents: Current Conversations in Nutrition: Letting Science Be the Guide. In this lecture, Sugar: The Bitter Truth, Professor Robert H Lustig, argues that the sugar, fructose, should be medically defined as a poison.

Professor Lustig discusses the biochemistry, clinical research, public health policy and politics that have allowed sugar to become such a dominant part of the world’s food supply and hidden the truth of its toxicity for decades.

The fat is going down, the sugar’s going up and we’re all getting sick!

Professor Robert H Lustig
University of California: Division of Endocrinology

Lustig also demonstrates why, for people who eat processed food, the reduction of fat in their diet does not lead to healthy and sustainable weight loss and control. He argues that processed foods often depend upon the addition of sugar to ensure that food remains palatable, when the fat, which provides flavour, is reduced. In simple terms, fructose does not trigger the release of leptin, to regulate appetite, so that the more sugar is consumed, the less likely one is to feel satisfied by the food eaten, meaning that more food is consumed.

Leptin (from Greek, leptos: meaning thin) is a protein hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure, including appetite and metabolism. It is one of the most important adipose derived hormones.

I am grateful to University of California Television, and to Good Health News TV and Naturally Healthy Publications for alerting me to this film.


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