The CDC Has Another Whistle-Blower?

As [Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe] gathers steam throughout the country, playing to sold-out shows, great reviews on Fandango and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 85% more attention is being shifted to the manipulated science behind vaccinations and the alarming Autism epidemic. Quietly, behind the scenes, there is another CDC whistleblower lurking in a Federal Courtroom in Utah, this according to an article at

According to the January 4, 2016 motion, “Dr. Zimmerman was a successful University employee until she accused [her supervisor], among others, of research misconduct and ethical misconduct. Defendants retaliated against Dr. Zimmerman for raising legal and ethical questions of employees’ impropriety” Zimmerman’s complaint includes specific concerns over alleged uncorrected errors in the ADDM Network’s reported autism analysis for Utah.

“On or about December 2012, Dr. Zimmerman also reported the same concerns she had made to the University’s Privacy & Security office to the United States Department of Health and Human Services…. She reported her concerns to the CDC as well. “

Depositions from Zimmerman and her former colleagues suggest that the alleged data errors were serious and have the potential to produce major differences in reported Utah autism rates. In the 2008 ADDM Network Report, Utah autism rates were the highest in the country at 1 in 47. In the 2012 report released today, Utah rates plummeted nearly 20% to 1 in 58 as most other ADDM Network sites reported either rising or stable autism rates.

While we have all heard this story before with Dr. Thompson, the basis of Vaxxed: The Movie, and his claim of similar unethical manipulation of data. This second researcher coming forward, along with the successful release and critical reception of the movie, may finally shift the spotlight to independent research into the connection between vaccinations and the Autism epidemic.


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Thanks to The International Medical Council on Vaccination  and  Dr Sherri Tenpenny.


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