The Heads Together campaign: The Worlds First Mental Health Marathon

What an amazing day – the first ever mental health marathon was truly special! The Heads Together campaign aims to change the conversation and end the stigma surrounding mental health, and the success we have had is down to you, our #teamsheadstogether supporters and partners.

We’re so proud of all the runners and all the effort that they have put in, both mentally and physically – it was an honour to share the marathon journey with you.

The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry are clear that the work of Heads Together will continue well past the Marathon. They are proud that the campaign has dealt a major blow against the stigma that surrounds mental health, but of course there is more work to do and they will continue to encourage a national conversation over the next few years.

Whether it be at home, school, work, in the military or in the community. Heads Together and the charity partners will be backing new initiatives to help people have conversations on mental health wherever they are and crucially to be pointed in the right direction for support.

The Heads Together campaign will continue with new digital initiatives and ongoing campaigns around the power of conversations – watch this space.

The Heads Together campaign

Thanks to The Heads Together campaign, for the content of this post

Last Checked/Updated: August 12, 2019.

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