The Health-Ranger Interviews Dr Chris Shade, Mercury Toxicity Expert

Just how toxic is mercury in all its different forms? Is ethyl mercury “safer” than methyl mercury? What about organic vs. inorganic? Dr. Chris Shade, founder of Quicksilver Scientific, explains mercury toxicity in amazing detail during an interview with Mike Adams: Health Ranger.

During the interview, Dr. Chris Shade and the Health Ranger discuss:

  • How “leaky gut” makes mercury toxicity far worse.
  • Why mercury can “fry the kidneys” and cause total kidney failure.
  • Why ethyl mercury — the kind found in vaccines — is actually many times more toxic than methyl mercury once it passes through cell walls.
  • The two worst sources of mercury exposure for most people.
  • How mercury gets transported through the environment, creating multiple opportunities for exposure through air, soil, food, water, etc.
  • Mercury speciation and how a detailed mercury analysis of your blood, hair and urine can reveal a wealth of information about your health.
  • Which nutritional supplements help increase the body’s ability to eliminate mercury from the blood and GI tract.

Thanks to Mike Adams: The Health-Ranger, Natural News.

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