The Health Ranger Report — Type Two Diabetes: Myths And Secrets Explained

Type 2 diabetes rates are skyrocketed among children and teens across the U.S., according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (1). Rates climbed 21% from 2000 to 2009, and most experts believe they have continued to rise in the five years since.

What’s almost never reported, however, is that type 2 diabetes can be reversed and cured in a matter of days or weeks. The medical establishment falsely insists that diabetes is a “disease” which can only be “managed,” not halted or reversed. But that’s false information founded in for-profit medicine, not real physiological science.

In this free audio, I reveal powerful, little-known secrets for halting the progression of type 2 diabetes and catalyzing your body’s spontaneous healing.

Type 2 Diabetes Secrets Revealed

In this audio program developed from years of personal experience and food research, I reveal:

  • How I reversed borderline type 2 diabetes using foods, not pharmaceuticals.
  • Why type 2 diabetes is NOT a disease! It’s actually just a label given to a collection of observable symptoms your body is currently expressing. Because “diabetes” is a metabolic expression, it can be reversed.
  • The truth about diabetes: If you change the “inputs” for your body, you will get different physiological results.
  • The three causes of type 2 diabetes explained.
  • The curse of a sedentary lifestyle: why lack of regular exercise leads to physiological vulnerability to diabetes expression.
  • Why processed foods and liquid sugars promote type 2 diabetes.
  • The deadly dangers of HFCS found in sodas, and why those concerned about diabetes must avoid HFCS forever, for life.
  • The real secret behind unhealthy cravings: where cravings come from and how they work. How to halt unhealthy cravings with simple dietary changes.
  • Why cravings should not be ignored but “fed” with the proper nutrients. Most people wildly misinterpret cravings due to social cues (advertising by junk food companies).
  • How your body tells you when it’s deficient in critical nutrients.
  • Why your body needs key trace minerals (selenium, zinc, chromium, magnesium, etc.) to function in a healthy way that is inconsistent with “type 2 diabetes.”
  • How to source foods, salts and supplements that naturally contain higher levels of essential trace minerals.
  • Warning about cheap mineral supplements and why many people get too much calcium in their diets.
  • Why most diabetics fit a very common profile: sedentary lifestyle, high consumption of sugars and chronic deficiency of dietary trace minerals.
  • Why vitamin D deficiency makes type 2 diabetes so much worse.
  • Why most people are chronically deficient in vitamin D, but especially people with dark skin.
  • How vitamin D deficiency vastly increases your risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, skin disorders and bone disorders.
  • Why if you aren’t taking vitamin D supplements, you are almost certainly deficient in vitamin D.
  • Why these techniques will also help you prevent other chronic diseases such as cancer.
  • Why the medical establishment won’t tell you any of this information.
  • How the Latino community is being savaged by diabetes from drinking sodas and suffering ongoing nutritional deficiencies.
  • The real reason why African-Americans have more aggressive cancers than whites.
  • Why millions of people are turning to Natural News for honest information about health transformation.
  • Why investing in your health is very affordable compared to the cost of being sick for life.

Mike Adams: The Health Ranger

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