The Hungry For Change Mastery Program

The Hungry For Change Mastery Program is a major new production from the makers of Food Matters. Introducing the program, producer James Colquhoun, writes:

Are You Ready to Take Your Health To A New Level?

In this day and age we are constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising messages convincing us that our perfect health is just a pill or diet soda away.

The truth is that unfortunately this is not the case. We have never been sicker or more overweight. This program will hold your hand through a journey of discovery so you will never feel confused about what or how much to put on your plate.

All This Started With My Father’s Story…

In 2002 my father was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and Anxiety. He put on over 55 pounds and spent 5 years bedridden on a number of different medications. There was nothing that the medical profession could do apart from periodically changing his medical cocktail in the hope that they might find the magic bullet. His health continued to spiral downwards.

This eventually led Laurentine and I to create our first film ‘Food Matters’ and most recently ‘Hungry For Change’. What started with helping find the best way to get this information to my father has resulted in us dedicating our lives to sharing this message with the world.

We are now excited to present our latest 12 DVD program ‘Hungry For Change Mastery’.

Introducing The Hungry For Change Mastery Program

We created the Hungry For Change Mastery program so that it would be easy for you to implement everything that is discussed in the film. Sometimes watching the film is not enough as many of the topics are quite advanced. With the mastery program you will get to listen to each of the extended interviews with the experts at your own pace and listen as they discuss the topics in the film in more detail. Here’s what you’ll receive if you purchase today:

  • 12 DVD box set and companion workbook
  • Over 9 Hours of life changing information
  • Further your understanding of all the topics from the film
  • Discover the best detox and long term weight loss strategies
  • Learn how to apply visualization and affirmation techniques
  • Handy juicing tips in the kitchen
  • Learn how to best handle emotional eating and addictions
  • Inspiring transformational stories from people who have been there
  • Digital downloads streaming to iPad, iPhone, workbooks and more
  • Get to know the world’s leading natural health experts in the film intimately

James Colquhoun, Producer

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The Hungry For Change Mastery Program is available, in multiple formats, at Food Matters.

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