That Sugar Film — Damon Gameua: Report From The Independent

That Sugar Film director Damon Gameua receives shocking diagnosis after going on healthy sugar diet for just 60 days

“All the sugars that I was eating were found in perceived healthy foods, so low-fat yogurts, and muesli bars, and cereals, and fruit juices,” he said

Australian director Damon Gameua was a fit man before he took on a task many probably thought would have increased his health and wellbeing.

Instead, he received an unsettling warning from his GP, experienced dire mood swings and weight gain after taking on the low-fat, high-sugar health food diet for 60 days.

“I had no soft drink, chocolate, ice cream or confectionery,” Gameau told Yahoo of his project That Sugar Film – a sort of reverse documentary version of Morgan Spurlock’s famed Super Size Me, in which he eats nothing but MacDonald’s.

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Student Nurse Reveals ‘Soul Destroying’ Realities Of Career In Open Letter

‘Words cannot express how miserable I was today and have been on so many occasions in the past. If anyone asked me advice on pursuing a career in nursing I would strongly advise against it. It is by far the worst decision I have ever made’

A student nurse’s post exposing the brutal realities of the nursing profession has gone viral, after they described being “soul destroyed” by exhausting work on low pay.

The nurse, who lives in Ireland and is a single parent, submitted their experience to the Facebook page ‘Support for Nurses, Midwives and Frontline Staff in Ireland’. They describe how they feel “on the brink of giving up” in the brutally honest insight to life for nurses.

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Diabetes Increase Putting NHS Future ‘At Sake’

Treating Diabetes And The Complications Arising From It Costs The NHS Around £10 Billion Annually

Tackling diabetes is “fundamental” to the future of NHS as the number of adults with the condition nears four million, Public Health England has warned.

Around 3.8 million adults in England now have diabetes, with at least 940,000 of those undiagnosed, new figures have revealed.

About 90 per cent of the cases are Type 2 diabetes, which is linked to being overweight and obese and therefore largely preventable, PHE, who released the data, said.

The other 10 per cent are Type 1, which usually develops in childhood and is often inherited.

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Worse Treatment Of Poor People By GPs Costs The NHS £4.8bn A Year, Study Finds

Excess hospital admissions of people from poorer parts of England cost the NHS £4.8bn in a single year, according to new research.

An analysis by York University academics found there were 264,000 excess admissions from less well-off areas between April 2014 and April 2015.

The researchers said they had not found out the exact reasons behind the problem, but added that poor people were not being looked after as well as rich people by GPs.

They said this was not necessarily the fault of the doctors, but could be a systemic problem or because poorer people were not going to their local surgery for some reason.

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NHS Testing A Cannabis Product For The First Time

A cannabidiol (CBD) vaporiser that has helped thousands of people suffering from a variety of conditions is being tested by an NHS unit, an unprecedented step that could increase scrutiny on cannabis’ medical benefits and have a huge impact on the UK’s legislation on it.

The MediPen, a legal way to consume CBD, which, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is non-psychoactive, has been on sale for a year now and drew very positive reviews, relieving the pain of people with everything from depression and anxiety to arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The company told The Independent it has been consulting with a group of production and regulatory support pharmacists from the NHS for the past few months, who have been testing their proprietary cannabis oil formulation.

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