The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme Is Serrapeptase By Robert Redfern

TheMiracleEnzymeIsSerrapeptaseIn the July 2006, US edition of Serrapeptase News (Naturally Healthy Publications), Robert Redfern wrote:

I have renamed my book as The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme Is Serrapeptase. I did not do this lightly; as I think, the word ‘miracle’ is generally misused and too easily thrown around, especially in the nutritional field.

If you have read my book and followed my newsletters, you may realize why I am so enthusiastic about this enzyme. I was finally convinced to not only change the name of the book but to also create a web site to go with it, when the story of 36-year-old Mike Tawse first surfaced. Mike, a cerebral palsy sufferer since birth, revealed that life was so bad at the end of 2005 that he felt he could not endure another year on 14 drugs that hardly made a difference. I thought I had heard it all with Serrapeptase, but his story impressed me so much, I knew that Serrapeptase was deserving of the name, ‘The Miracle Enzyme’.

Robert Redfern

Robert has been kind enough to tell me both publicly (on The Power Hour Radio Show) and privately that he is inspired by my progress, but when I read this article, I was amazed to receive such an incredible complement. I had known for some time that Robert had followed my story. However, I had no idea that it had played such a significant role in inspiring him to make changes to his book.

The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme Is Serrapeptase is a remarkable book about a remarkable enzyme. Read, in detail, the fascinating studies, uses and practitioner’s reports about Serrapeptase, the ‘Miracle’ Enzyme.

For over a quarter of a century, the clinical use of Serrapeptase as an anti-inflammatory has been widespread throughout Europe and Asia.

This book is a powerful introduction to the amazing story of an enzyme, which is set to become the most widely used alternative to the majority of anti-inflammatory drugs – without the side effects, drugs can have! Discover how people who have taken this naturally occurring enzyme report genuinely beneficial results.

Although the 2009 edition of the book includes The Mike Tawse Story – From Wheelchair To Wings, it was the earlier first edition of this book, which contributed to the start of My Serrapeptase Adventure, which began when a friend told me about The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, Serrapeptase and asked me to help her find more information about it on the internet. One of the greatest gifts I found that day was a series of clips from radio interviews from The Power Hour radio show, with Robert Redfern, The Serrapeptase Guy, which enabled me to learn more about Serrapeptase without having to read vast quantities of text – something which my eyesight would not have enabled me to do at the time.

You are welcome to read the full story of my return to naturally sustainable good health, My Serrapeptase Adventure, which also contains detailed information about Serrapeptase.

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