Time To Resist The Vaccination Industry Again

Today, I received an invitation, from my GP, to take a flu shot, with the customary annual warning about the fast approaching ‘flu season’. Freedom from the assumption that prescription medication is necessary for good health is still among the most precious gifts of My Serrapeptase Adventure, so far. Therefore, I will not be accepting the vaccination this year.

In 2009 I wrote:

Since I do not have any means to independently evaluate all the available scientific data, I have decided that I will not take a vaccine, the benefits of which are at least as uncertain as the risks.

Since then, as regular readers will know, I have learnt so much more about the toxic potential of so many of the medications that I had taken for so long. Not least of these, were the vaccines, which I was given as a child and which I accepted as an adult.

I am in no doubt that each person who gave me medication, did so with the best of intentions. My research continues, and the more I learn about the pharmaceutical industry and its undue influence upon what most of us think of as ‘the health service’, the more convinced I become that many of the good people who work within the allopathic health system, often feel as trapped by its enveloping power as many of its patients do.

I will continue to resist the drive to vaccinate everybody, wherever I can, and I continue to make the personal choice not to be vaccinated any more. It is, however, important to stress that I am not opposed to medical treatment, at times and in circumstances where it can be shown to be necessary as the most appropriate response to a traumatic injury or other health emergency. As I have said before, I have benefited from medical treatment and surgery throughout my life, but My Serrapeptase Adventure has taught me to re-evaluate the true meaning and power of healthcare.

I believe that a naturally sustainable approach to good health should always be my first choice, because naturally good health is the state in which the human body functions at its best, and to which it will return as soon as it is given the right nutrition and environment in which to do so.

Clearly, this approach still provides a defined role for medical professionals, clinicians, therapists and nurses. I believe that it is the duty of every one of us who values real healthcare to encourage and also to defend people who have dedicated themselves to providing it or educating us about its potential, wherever we find them, even within the allopathic system.

We must make it clear to the pharmaceutical industry that good science must become, once again, the powerful servant of good health that its pioneers knew it to be. We must not allow ourselves to confuse a thriving pharmaceutical industry, with the provision of safe and effective healthcare.

It is challenging enough to sustain and, if necessary, to return to a natural state of good health. No one should ever have to consider whether or not they may need to fight the healthcare system itself in order to ensure that it is focused upon providing real, safe and effective medicine and the most precious gift of all, people with the talents and compassion to care for others in need.

The fight goes on, and the adventure continues. Thank you for sharing them with me. Please join the discussion on Facebook.

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