Transdermal Magnesium Therapy By Dr Mark Sircus

TransdermalMagnesiumTherapyTransdermal Magnesium Therapy, focuses on one of the most important, exciting, and natural ways of magnesium replenishment; absorption through the skin. Extensive research has shown that this vital macronutrient enters the body through the skin, beneficial physiological processes occur, such as a natural increase in DHEA production, that happen no other way. Dr Mark Sircus, provides a critical overview of magnesium’s grossly overlooked place in the nutrition matrix, as well as a comprehensive look at other available forms and intake protocols.

The rise in chronic illness and disease as associated with the concurrent rise in routine use of, and exposure to toxins and pathogens, is well documented. In fact, chronic illness and disease has become an accepted, and even expected, eventuality of modern living. What has not been well documented is the body’s natural ability to maintain, and even restore its health, if properly nourished… not so much with popular foods (which are themselves nutritionally compromised), but with minerals. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals to human health, but also one of the least publicised.

Dr Mark Sircus has carried out detailed research of his own, as well as extensive meta-analysis of other studies of magnesium, and found hundreds of cases that prove its critical role in the maintenance of our health.

Dr Sircus has been a guest on The Power Hour, where I first learnt of his work, and about the potential of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil.

Thanks to The Power Hour and Good Health Naturally.

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