Training The Immune System To Naturally Fight Cancer Is Not New

Cancer is a devastating disease with roots in genetics, diet, environmental surroundings and sometimes what some see as random chaos. But another villain may also be at the helm when it comes to spreading cancer: the very ones who claim to be preventing it. Chemotherapy is a harsh treatment designed to kill both good and bad cancer cells. Extremely high cancer return percentages have led many to believe that the chemotherapy treatments spawn more cancer. Women with breast cancer commonly die from brain tumors. Were they predisposed through genetics or is chemotherapy tainted? That might be rhetorical.

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Fluoride On Tap: The Documentary

TruthKings: See How Fluoride Is Slowly Killing Our Kids

Is fluoride bad for you? Should you be concerned about sodium fluoride being in your water or toothpaste? Learn why Sweden, Norway, Austria, Finland, China and more countries have banned fluoride. How did fluoride get approved for use in the United States and what are the health effects? Learn everything you need to know about fluoride and what you can do.

Fluoride pushers will have you believe that the chemical saves our children’s teeth, but this has never been proven. In fact, it has been shown that regions without fluoride infusion show no differences in tooth decay rates.

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Wakefield’s Partner Exonerated In British Court In Autism Study Fraud

Andrew Wakefield continues to make waves as his documentary, Vaxxed, opens across the country. Pharma, the CDC, are among two large players attempting to silence him. However, Wakefield has persevered and is now stronger than ever. This is an enormous achievement for a man that had his medical license pulled in the UK for speaking the truth.

But about that medical license deal….

Wakefield, at the time of his research into the autism and vaccine links, had a partner named Prof. John Walker-Smith. That partner was scrutinized as much as Wakefield, but interestingly enough, a British court gave Walker-Smith a favorable ruling in 2012.

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Prince Charles Battles Pharma, Doctors, And Fights For Patient Rights

Prince Charles is 67 years old. And if you ask him, alternative medicine has been at the heart of his existence. His support for alternative healing has been well-documented (as well as well-criticized). Charles has long argued that alternative health practices, such as herbal medicine, should be given more focus and patients should have the right to choose. He’s never condemned modern medicine as much as he has pushed for alternative medicine to be given equal treatment.

In 2010, Charles published a book titled, Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, which focuses on alternative health treatments, as well as diagnosis tools.

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The CDC Has Another Whistle-Blower?

As [Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe] gathers steam throughout the country, playing to sold-out shows, great reviews on Fandango and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 85% more attention is being shifted to the manipulated science behind vaccinations and the alarming Autism epidemic. Quietly, behind the scenes, there is another CDC whistleblower lurking in a Federal Courtroom in Utah, this according to an article at

According to the January 4, 2016 motion, “Dr. Zimmerman was a successful University employee until she accused [her supervisor], among others, of research misconduct and ethical misconduct.

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