Vaccines Don’t Make You Healthy: Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Symptom free in the presence of drugs is not health.

Sherri Tenpenny

Dr Sherri Tenpenny talks about vaccines and says that there’s no vaccine that is necessary. in fact she says all vaccines are useless.

Regular readers will be familiar with my own personal decision not to accept vaccinations, once I began to learn from the work of Dr Tenpenny and other world-renowned experts in natural health, about the dangers of vaccination and, more widely, the danger of reliance upon allopathic medicine.

My Serrapeptase Adventure, the remarkable story of my return to naturally sustained good health, would not have been possible if I had not been freed from the ‘toxic cocktail’ of prescription medication.

When Dr Tenpenny gave a detailed interview to Mike Adams: The Health Ranger, titled: True Health Cannot Come From A needle, I wrote:

Before the start of My Serrapeptase Adventure, I believed that my health, and even my survival, was dependant upon a regimen of prescriptions. As I look forward to a fifth year of naturally sustained good health, one of the strongest lessons of my adventure is brought into focus, once again. It is so clear, and obvious that I should have known it from the start. Good health is the human body’s natural state. The best way to support this is as naturally as possible.

Some readers, and even some of my friends, have asked me if I am now against medical treatment, and the many good people who practice medicine, with a genuine desire to help people. The short answer is: NO. I have benefited from medical and surgical treatments in the past and I would not wish to deny them to anyone who needs them.

My Serrapeptase Adventure has convinced me that it is prescription medication, and the worldwide systems designed to reinforce our dependence upon it, that should be called ‘alternative medicine’. If good health is our natural, balanced state, then the goal of health-care should be to maintain that balance, or to return us to it, as naturally as possible. This approach still allows for medical and surgical treatments, when they are necessary, but they should be considered to be useful alternatives, and not assumed to be the only acceptable options.

One of the people, from whom I have had the privilege of learning is, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, who is one of the most outspoken physicians on the hazards of vaccines and vaccination. I have heard many good interviews with Dr Tenpenny, but this one, by Mike Adams: The Health Ranger is the best and most detailed I have heard so far.

Dr Tenpenny is also a regular guest on The Power Hour Radio Show, with Joyce Riley.

The two videos shown above, are timely reminders that concern about the danger of vaccination and allopathic medicine should come not from blind ideology, but from studying the science, and a genuine understanding of the risks posed by pharmaceutical ingredients and production processes.

Thanks to Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

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