Wakefield’s Partner Exonerated In British Court In Autism Study Fraud

Andrew Wakefield continues to make waves as his documentary, Vaxxed, opens across the country. Pharma, the CDC, are among two large players attempting to silence him. However, Wakefield has persevered and is now stronger than ever. This is an enormous achievement for a man that had his medical license pulled in the UK for speaking the truth.

But about that medical license deal….

Wakefield, at the time of his research into the autism and vaccine links, had a partner named Prof. John Walker-Smith. That partner was scrutinized as much as Wakefield, but interestingly enough, a British court gave Walker-Smith a favorable ruling in 2012.

According to journal-neo.org:

In February, 2012, Mr. Justice Mitting held hearings on the charges brought against world renowned pediatric gastro-enterologist, Prof. John Walker-Smith, Wakefield’s co-researcher, in Britain’s High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division, Administrative Court.

The Justice ruled that charges brought against Walker-Smith by the British General Medical Council’s Panel, the GMC “panel’s determination cannot stand. I therefore quash it.” Walker-Smith won his appeal against a General Medical Council regulatory board that had ruled against both him and Andrew Wakefield for their roles in authoring a 1998 Lancet MMR paper, which raised questions about a link to autism. The complete victory means that Walker-Smith has been returned to the status of a fully licensed physician …”

Astonishingly, as the judge pointed out, the conclusions of the GMC board that stripped both Walker-Smith and Wakefield of their licenses to practice medicine in the UK were based on “inadequate and superficial reasoning and, in a number of instances, a wrong conclusion… The end result is that the finding of serious professional misconduct and the sanction of erasure are bothquashed.” He notes that the board’s trial of Walker-Smith and Wakefield had no actual complainants, no harm came to the children who were studied, and parents supported Walker-Smith and Wakefield through the trial, reporting that their children had medically benefited from the treatment they received at the Royal Free Hospital.

What does this say about the charges that implicated Wakefield? I’d say it shows a rather flimsy case. Wakefield has however proven his resilience through it all. He and his message are more popular than ever, attracting the support of celebrities such as Robert De Niro. Wakefield has done an incredible amount for parents and children. And he is going to continue to fight the good fight, with or without the support of simpleton court hearings. Wakefield’s partner’s case already proves that he did no wrong.


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